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215672_10152386241555364_1112940724_nThroughout my 23 years I’ve had the opportunity to live in and experience some incredible places. I grew up in the Southern part of the United States with my longest tenure being in North Florida. In addition I’ve visited over 20 beautiful countries and had the chance to see many incredibly diverse areas. These experiences have provided me with the drive to continually challenge and push myself past my comfort realm into new and exciting areas.

I’ve come to appreciate and have a great passion for aesthetics which can be found in just about every facet of life. With this attraction, I’ve realized my incredible desire to contribute to this area of innovation. Personally, I thrive in creative, shifting and challenging environments and appreciate these characteristics found in the fashion and retail industries. The presence of creativity and innovation provide endless opportunity and the chance to be the best asset to the industry possible, providing a product that translates my passion and eagerness to make an impact. With the future in mind, I hope to find myself in a space surrounded by individuals just as passionate about the trade as I am. I look to labor in an area that offers me the opportunity to develop further and aides me in accomplishing my career goals and aspirations.

“Its the possibility of having a dream come true that keeps life interesting.” -Paulo Coelho

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